Badara Ndaw

Assistant Director of Operations

Blaise Diagne International Airport


CEO, Jofof Empire


MBA LaSalle University School of Business

Assistant Director of Operations: draft proforma invoices for billing, upon services provided to airline companies at Blaise Diagne International Airport, Diass -AIBD- Sénégal

Draft and negotiate contractual ‘Standard Ground Handling Agreements’ – SGHA- for all commercial Airlines and private jets operating at Blaise Diagne International Airport, Diass -AIBD- Sénégal

Cross-check ‘proforma’ forms, to generate invoices matching basic rates, airport fees, additional charges, and liability rates for services provided to all turn-around & transit aircrafts deserting AIBD Airport

Public Relations Officer: Airport Assistance Services, 2AS; re-negotiate contracts renewal, peacefully resolve claims & concerns from Airlines, to avoid eventual legal pursuits

Chief Translator: Airport Assistance Services, 2AS; Headquarters, Blaise Diagne International Airport, Diass, Sénégal

Translation from Turkish to French & French to Turkish, of sensitive and confidential documents and reports,  emanating from Summa-Limak Holdings in Turkey, for the General Directorate

Appointed Executive Director for Africa at Villaggio International, a United States consortium specialized in the construction of luxury hotels and resorts, technology transfer and financing

Established a Public-Private Partnership with the Government of the Republic of Sénégal, to initiate a USAID/OPIC-supported Sustainable Development Projects

Founding Member

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