Freduah Prempeh is a management consultant, creative director, writer, and operational strategist, with 15 year plus  professional experience initiating, developing, participating, coordinating, and leading diverse stand alone  and cross functional team roles across consulting, creative, and supply chain spaces for corporate,  midsize, and start-ups. He specializes in delivering transformation strategies that add sustainable value  to the bottom-line for companies, governments and institutions.

Mr. Prempeh is the CEO of  ABP communications LLC., a media, management, and investment consulting start-up. In the United  States the company is based in Hartford, Connecticut and Lindenwold, in New Jersey.



- Designer of “Who’s the richest” card game

- Publisher / concept developer of the first specialist magazine for Ghana’s Advertising, Marketing  and Media Industries (Advertising Review), currently being re-positioned as “Advertising Africa”.

- Developed a 3 pronged proprietary business model for optimizing operational and bottom-line     expectations

Founding Member

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