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Aisha Veasey-Fall

aka Sylvia Sene 

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Attended Morgan State: Business Administration.

Traveled throughout Europe, Africa, South America

Proprietor of a successful Boutique (KEUR KHADIM) of African Art and Tailormade African cloths

Relocated to Senegal and established a school Keur Xaleyi (aka House of the Children, and F.E. Jordan Computer Tech) for underprivileged children and successfully became the privileged because of them

Sells bulk cashews and peanuts that some of these children (that she helped raise) has grown and turned it into an international business. 

Currently runs a nurturing, caring, loving Healthcare Agency for the elderly and sick

An honored V.P. of CODU, a non-profit organization that was formed by President F.E Jordan to help uplift Africa with clean water, helping to furnish health clinics, supplying emergency vehicles for the ill, supplying school supplies

A proud member of Villaggio International and the Africa Strategy Group that's determination to bring tourism through different avenues that will bring revenue, jobs, self pride, dignity to the “Mother Land” and the proud people who reside there and bring it to the forefront where it belongs

Founding Member

The Sunbrite Group


"The Sustainable Development of Africa"